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First Dota 2 Tournament

Added on: 16.03.16 by TheLiquidDuck

Hey everyone,

we are happy to announce our first ever Dota 2 tournament which will take place on the weekend of the 25th through to the 28th of march. This will be a small tournament with up to 6 teams and it will be casted live on twitch aswell. Prices for this event are 100$ for the winning team, 25$ worth of in-game items for the second place and besides that 25$ worth of giveaways for our twitch viewers.

UPDATE: Some people are having trouble signing up. To enter you will need to register, then create a team and have all team members added to this team before you can enter the tournament! Teams with less than 5 members will NOT be able to sign up! Enter the tournament after successful team creation by clicking on "Games" on the navbar and "DOTA 2" to reach the tournament page. 

----UPDATE - If you have a full team and can confirm to play - sign up here as we are experiencing some technical diffiiculties with the site.


We wish you the best of luck and alot of fun.


Best regards,


Community Manager PlayDayOnline